Starting with the concept design, we develop the main architecture schematic through the use of hand-built models, sketches, CAD software and 3D rendering programs in three dimensional space. This helps our clients to understand clearly the spaces that we create, involving them in the design process.



As architects in Singapore, we have extensive experience in the process of government authority submissions and obtaining the necessary clearances. We also assist in the recommendation of other consultants such as the structural/mechanical engineer and quantity surveyor as required.



The development of each individual detail from the overall building façade down to the smallest joinery handle is crafted with utmost care and passion. We believe that good design comprises both aspects of aesthetics and performance, as well as practicality and ease of maintenance.



The open tender process ensures a detailed breakdown and fair comparison of costs for the client’s benefit. We invite, evaluate the tenders and award the contract on behalf of the client. Over the years, we have built good working relationships with many reputable and established builders. Selecting a trustworthy builder is critical to the success of the project.



Our experience in high-end luxury project interiors shows in all our houses. The interior design is as much an essential component of the home as the exterior. Our passion for design results in highly tailored and personalised outcomes for each of our projects, specific to the individual client.



During the construction period, we administer the building contract as the project lead and conduct regular site meetings and inspections. Co-ordination between the builder, consultants and specialists/suppliers on behalf of the client is handled by us, up to completion & handing over of the project upon TOP/CSC.

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