Sketches, 3D computer models and visualization renders, hand-crafted models and CAD software are various design tools we employ in our work. These visualization methods enable us to create spaces with a rich sensory experience. We typically start with the sketches, which allow us to test basic concept ideas. The sketches are then developed into three dimensional models, both hand-built and in 3D software.

Our work can be described as ‘spatially powerful’, with a particular emphasis on natural light, cross ventilation, high volumes and ceilings. In all our houses, we seek to craft unique spaces that create personalised memories for the homeowner. As with many of our buildings, strong linear forms arise as a result of the marrying of architectural volumes and geometric plans.

Early on in the design process, we integrate the interior design as a cohesive part of the architecture. Such pre-planning is critical in producing powerful spaces with both impact and flair, unlike majority of homes where interior design takes a back seat and is merely ‘stickered’ onto the walls.

Materials, textures and surfaces are carefully considered in both phases of the exterior and interior design. We place particular emphasis on the oft neglected aspect of architecture – the interior design, wherein the homeowner spends his majority of time.


The integration of natural light and cross ventilation are critical components in each of our houses.  Oftentimes, courtyards and air-wells are used as an organising element – allowing the house to ‘breathe’, introducing light and air into the inner depths of the building. Keen attention is paid to the way light enters spaces and penetrates the house, with carefully considered openings for framing of views to the exterior or private gardens. Other tropical architectural elements are utilised – canopy eaves, water bodies, screens, and landscaping to create a continuous connection between the building and nature.

Each project is designed with the homeowner’s specific requirements in mind, in conjunction with the unique site context, conditions and constraints. This invariably produces distinct, outcomes for each of our houses.  This process is highly personalised and tailored to the needs of each individual client.

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