Nature’s Extension Being positioned on higher grounds, the house naturally accommodates an unobstructed view of the surrounding greenery. Capitalising on this view, coupled with the activation of the roof plane into a roof terrace, Tan confides: “And since the clients frequently entertain guests to their home, we are able to extend their entertainment area beyond the ground plane and onto this roof through the pebbled-walled feature staircase.” Speaking of the rooftop area, is it more than just a hangout lounge. There are spaces for relaxing chilling outs at night or even a family reunion atop the house. Decked in wood strip flooring, the outdoor space invites guests to soak in the moonlight as the skies turn azure. The owners have lived in this house for more than a decade. With this new and refreshing facelift, the Courtyard House is now a brand new ‘home sweet home’ to the owners for the next decade to come. The new reconstruction has given this home a style switch and a new sustainable revive it needed. Being ubiquitously aware of the transformation in contemporary domestic lifestyles, the modest façade and elegant interior spatial expression response to address the design problems that eventually become delightful solutions. The architect’s narratives in the house are translated beautifully through meticulous detailing, ultimately creating a new design language in the home. COURTYARD HOUSE Toh Yi Road , Singapore 397.2 m2 632.3 m2 2016 Ming Architects Tan Cher Ming Erica Chan Tan Cher Ming, Erica Chan Praxis Construction Pte Ltd JS Tan Consultants Pte Ltd WS Surveyorship Pte Ltd Nyee Phoe Flower Garden Pte Ltd Burmese Teak timber, brick wall in plaster, paint Italian Carrara marble, Burmese Teak strip flooring & ceiling, plaster walls