• YEAR : 2018
  • LOCATION : Singapore
  • CATEGORY : Residential
  • CREATIVE DIRECTOR : Ming Architect

Completed in 2018, the rebuild of this 3-storey corner terrace home was the solution to a previous existing house which was too small for its inhabitants. The design introduced high ceilings, ample light and natural ventilation into all the stories, as well as meeting the growing spatial needs of the family which had lived there over the past generation. The existing house suffered from low ceilings, insufficient lighting and was unsuitable for the needs of the client both spatially and stylistically.

To increase the spaciousness of the first storey living area, a large patio directly connected to the front of the living space was created which flows in a seamless transition between the two spaces. To introduce light into the house, a large skylight over the steel cantilevered staircase allows light to filter down 3 stories into the living space. on the facade, solid burmese teak timber strips act as a privacy screen for the family room on the second floor, and form the feature for the front elevation.